Ethical Design Manifesto

Sell products, Not people. Make products that …

Respect Human Rights

  • Sustainable = green (our world needs some help)
  • Available for all: which also means affordable, not owned by a big company with as purpose greed.
  • Decentralised: make sure technology is available everywhere
  • Open & interoperable: allow techno to work together in open way
  • Accessible: easy to access, fast enough, everywhere in the world
  • Secure & private: protect your assets from the evil forces out there (-:
  • Make sure that any company involved follows our value

Respect Human Effort

  • Make sure technology is reliable and lasts longer (no need to replace in 5 years).
  • Avoid complexity (KIS): no unnecessary complexity.
  • LESS = MORE (do less to achieve more)
  • Let people/companies work together in a 100% transparent way.

Respect Human Experience

  • Products should be ergonomic & easy to use
  • Design should be global: don’t favor certain user groups !
  • Products should look good, it will give us a better feeling
  • TRANSPARENT: sales, pricing, processes,

**Design your organisations so that your core values are respect for human rights,

respect for human effort, and respect for human experience.**

credits original ideas, graphics & text come from (we’ve added our own twist to it)