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operation team for TF


  • keep our Internal IT infrastructure running
  • be backup for our customer relations & communications
    • be on the chat, help any investor, customer, visitor with TF related info flow
    • will have to understand all the info
  • engineering of our zero nodes:
    • documentation of complete setup
    • integration of zero-nodes with all required components
    • build lab environment
    • building of required components
    • test & document zero-os
    • test & document performance
    • engineer, test & document networking setup
    • work on self healing of our zero-nodes
  • operations of our zero nodes
    • assembling of our zero-nodes
    • purchase of components for our zero-nodes
    • deploy (ship, logistics)
    • manage our zero nodes & zero clusters
    • test & quality assurance of our zero nodes & zero clusters
  • support for our zero-nodes
    • should be self healing, but as long as it is not, we will have to support
    • self healing will have to be improved all the time
    • monitoring needs to be done through AYS (we need a strict automation background)