description version Remarks
iyo needs to be easy enough to be used 0.9 if unclear things, resolve now by documentation
need minimal proper set of documentation usable by novice IT users 0.9 neeeds to be on website
need complete set of enduser doc 1.0
the IYO integration with threefold_app needs to be seamless & easy 0.9
threefold app needs ability to do IYO management for user (add info, delete info, modify...) 1.0
threefold app needs documentation 0.9 needs to be very easy
see amount of tokens owned by user & value (10$ for now fixed) 0.9 backend information put manually by administrator of TFF
see TFT transactions done (send to who, when, ...) 1.0 needs to be defined
need TFAPP onboarding app of hosters & ITO investors 0.9 also support bitcoin
TFAPP needs to show user how to get to their IYO see page in relation to threefold 0.9
TFAPP needs to be able to check verification level e.g. 2b of a user and demand better one 0.9
each TFAPP is like a merchant in rogerthat terms and can send news 0.9
each TFAPP is linked to organization on IYO and only visible to members 0.9
each TFAPP can send news which is only visible by members of that app group 0.9