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Onboarding A to Z

Onboarding Basic Definitions


The journey of an individual/company from being interested to tokens in the wallet aka become a customer

Types of customers who need to be onboarded:

iTFT Purchasers, Hosters, Ambassadors

Note: Hosters and iTFT Purchasers can be individuals and companies

Onboarding Goals & Timeline

ITO: USD 5Mio funding until end of November or until the USD 5Mio are reached

Hosters: 200 before end of November

Ambassadors: 100 before end of November

Note: Instant goal status based on CRM reporting tool and TFF backend/CRM sync in progress.

Onboarding Funnel Filling Activities

ThreeFold local live events

ThreeFold zoom sessions

Ambassador family & friends network activity

ThreeFold and GIG employee/consultant family & friends network activity

Onboarding Tools & Technologies

Tool: TF App - our onboarding tool

Technologies: IYO for identity management and authorization

Supporting tools:

TFF Backend - records hoster/iTFT purchasers related activities and information

Intercom - customer communication: proactive and reactive

CRM - consolidated view of all customer activities (tff backend & intercom)

TF website - right now decision making support information. Points to TF App

Getting Started Guide:


How to work together:

Cut the Elephant into pieces - regroup the Checklist into topics as listed below. Each topic has an owner who runs his own zooms and invites people she/he needs to solve the blockers/issues

Zooms will start Oct 12. Andreas will inform every onwner Oct 11th.

TF App AND IYO related: Owner: Michael

This week: Plot out needed IYO changes: there is a skeleton structure for companies (type of IYO organization) somewhere, but it's outdated. Developers feel like they are playing catch up constantly, meaning we should plan this issue carefully.

At it's most basic level, companies should have some structured fields to assign legal identifying information, much like people in IYO. Companies have members that have different priviliges, such as being able to enter company legal identifying information and to assign people (legally) defined roles. Roles can or should grant automatic privileges.

Implications for TF app: Multi-user wallets. This is big and may not be solvable. Also, it doesn't make sense right to devote time to do this right now. Rather, we need to get ready for a block-chain future, and multi-user, multi-sig wallets.

Proposed solution: Just have companies sign convertibles, we keep track of their tokens for them. Meanwhile, we need to get ready for the block-chain future.

TF website related: Owner: Roel

list this weeks, next weeks, next month topics

Intercom related: Owner: Sabrina

list this weeks, next weeks, next month topics

CRM related: Owner: Andreas

This week: Beta 2 live, TFF Backenend to CRM sync

Next week: Goal status reporting on top of CRM

Later this month: Define and implement in beta 2 missing functionality

Legal related: Owner: Pierre

list this weeks, next weeks, next month topics

Operations related: Owner: Adnan

list this weeks, next weeks, next month topics

Company onboarding:

  • No website on-boarding -> web version for companies only?
  • No on-boarding for companies through IYO
  • iTFT purchasing agreement for companies (convertible loan agreement would work)


  • TF stichting does not exist -> deadline: end of October?
  • No clear guidance from Orrick -> 3 countries (US, UK, Belgium) investigated for now
  • KYC process integration -> investigate until thursday this week
  • TF Dubai to be merged into stichting (once it exists)
  • Answer “Are you phishing?” comments by externals (talk to Baker for details, raising the good point “Let’s only ask for details when people have decided to buy”)
  • Legacy ‘Investments’ based on old agreements need to be sorted in order for us to be able to asign iTFTs to the individual wallets

How to improve customer satisfaction?

Communication: Transparency on all levels of the onboarding process

In addition to TF App integrated messaging and todo list use sms and email via Intercom

Messages for:

        **iTFT Purchaser**          **Hoster**
        Agreement created           Waiting for approval
        Agreement signed            Approved            
        Paid & iTFT in wallet       Signed
        Agreement Cancelled         Sent